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You can earn badges by accumulating 12 points in each respective category. (The Epicurean badge, however, requires 20 points.) Points are earned by attending officially-sanctioned STLSC and/or SLSOAG Meetup events at a rate of 1 point per event, except where otherwise noted. If you host (or co-host) an event that qualifies for points in a particular category, you will receive 1 bonus point in addition to the points you earn for the activity itself.

A member who has yet to earn their first badge is known as a "Tenderfoot". However, once you've earned your initial badge, you'll graduate to the status of "Greenhorn". Upon accumulating 5 badges, you achieve the level of "Socialite". When you reach 10 badges, you achieve the penultimate level of "Gadabout". And if you collect all 15, you achieve the ultimate level of "Bon Vivant". Each of these levels will be represented by icons and official designations on your profile.

Once you've earned a badge in a particular category, you will be listed on the website's Wall of Honor alongside an icon representing each badge you've collected. You will also be recognized at the annual STLSC/SLSOAG Picnic for your accomplishment(s).

When you attend an event, check for the number of "badge points" you are eligible to earn for the event, which will be listed on the corresponding event page. (If badge points aren't listed for an event, you may still submit a request for points you feel you earned by attending the event.) You must have officially RSVP'd for the event to earn points for participating. Although the Head Organizer will review your attendance record for events that qualify for badges, everyone is ultimately on the honor system when it comes to achieving badge benchmarks.

To claim badge points for an event(s), fill out and submit the form below. You may submit points for up to 5 events at a time. If you're entering points for more than 5 events, simply submit an additional form(s).

The number of points that may be assigned for each type of event are listed on the first ("Guide") page of the form. If you already know how many points you've earned, you may skip ahead to the second ("Form") page.

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